THE ADMISSIONS by Meg Mitchell Moore

Admissions-SM-newA perfect family living a perfect life in upscale Marin County, Northern California. A mother, father, three daughters all with straight white teeth living in a wonderful home, but underneath, slowly, a pressure cooker …

“Was everything going to continue to come toward these kids earlier and earlier so that they emerged from the womb with their teeth wired, wearing glasses and helmets, scheduling math tutors?”

THE ADMISSIONS (Doubleday) is Meg Mitchell Moore’s novel about the frazzled upper-class Hawthorne family, carrying long-buried secrets and what happens when those secrets begin to unravel. Mom, Nora is a successful real-estate agent, Dad, Gabe works at a tech firm, Angela is completing her senior year of high-school and Harvard bound as Daddy’s legacy, 10-year old, Cecily is a disciplined Irish dancer and second-grader, Maya needs a tutor because she can’t read.

But as much as everyone in the family is striving for perfection, they’re out of touch with one another’s needs. Appearances seem to matter most in many situations, and that takes a toll on people after a while. The story is funny at times, but mostly sad. Moore taps into this generations need to succeed, and belief that each individual is special, despite many’s lack of depth. There are heart breaking lessons to be learned in THE ADMISSIONS, and Moore’s prose and complex story-telling skills guide the reader through the wonderful novel.

Arrivals-sm-new Far-SM-new

And once you finish THE ADMISSIONS, you’ll want to go back and read Meg’s previous novels.

In THE ARRIVALS, Ginny and William’s grown-up children come home with their grown-up problems and prove the old adage, once a parent, always a parent.

In SO FAR AWAY, a 13-year old finds help from being cyber-bullied in the archives of an 1920s journal written by an Irish immigrant.

megFor all things MEG, check out her website site  She’s also on twitter. Thanks to BookSparks  for including Thoughts on This ‘n That on the Fall Reading Challenge 2015  #FRC2015 #bookshelfie We have many more exciting books coming up in the challenge, so keep checking back!

You can always check my reviews and news about my novel, “Viewer Discretion Advised,” at   Have a Happy Halloween!

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