HOUSE TRAINED by Jackie Bouchard


Jackie Bouchard is known for writing fido-friendly women’s fiction novels. I mean, come on, look at these covers. Even if you haven’t heard of her books, you want to pick them up. Jackie’s novels, WHAT THE DOG ATE and RESCUE ME, MAYBE are bestsellers and soon HOUSE TRAINED will be on that list, too. I’ve read all three and whether puppy is at the vet’s office because she ate a pair of panties or a ball of fur is helping someone cope with tragedy, Jackie’s novels keep getting more complex and humorous.

HOUSE TRAINED (Lake Union) opens with a line that certainly caught and held my attention.

“This morning I overheard my husband talking to his penis.”

 Alex’s husband, Barry apparently talks to his … whatever, in the morning. They are childless-by-choice, no kids, they have one dog, a labradoodle named Marie. Alex is a perfectionist interior designer, Barry works in library sciences at the local University. Everything in their lives is neat and tidy.

But one day, unexpectedly, there’s a knock at their front door and the teenage-child Barry never knew he had, Wren, shows up with the granddaughter, Ruthie, he never knew he had in her arms. Hello instant family – three generations!

At this point, HOUSE TRAINED could have gone in many directions. Jackie repeatedly surprised me. HOUSE TRAINED was not predictable or cliché. She explored the complexities of what makes a family in 2015, the issues of trust and honesty were on the forefront in an open and non-judgmental landscape.

My only red flag for any reader is don’t be fooled by the first sentence. HOUSE TRAINED is not just a fun, quick chick-lit read. There’s a message cleverly written into the story.

For all things JACKIE go to or her puppy blog   She’s also on Facebook and Twitter,

Thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy of HOUSE TRAINED for an honest review. We can’t wait for what Jackie writes next!

Remember, you can check out more of reviews at and news about my novel, “Viewer Discretion Advised.” Have a great day!

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