“When the game is love, everyone wins!”

Author Tracy Solheim launches her Out of Bounds series into the 4th quarter with SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY (Berkley Sensation) and once again tensions are high off the field, but this time, the pressure’s on Baltimore Blaze football team owner, Jay McManus. Being a dot-com-millionaire makes him the target of an anonymous blogger wanting to destroy his reputation and the Blaze cheerleaders  are suing him. Well, someone’s going down, and it’s not McManus who has hired a lawyer who just happens to be his former girlfriend, as well the team’s hottest player’s sister. From there, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY goes from really complicated to a sizzling and sexy.

Jay McManus let Bridgett Janik get away from him once, breaking her heart and he’s not going to allow it to happen again – even if that means going into overtime! Tracy Solheim FANS know when they’re reading one of her Out of Bounds novels, “the game is love and everyone wins!”

Like her previous novels, GAME ON, FOOLISH GAMES and RISKY GAME, Tracy Solheim dresses up her leading men in tight form fitting uniforms, shoulder pads and they end up sweating on and off the field – just the way her fans like it!

For everything TRACY, check out and Tracy on twitter @ TracyKSolheim

Thanks to BOOKSPARKS Fall Reading Challenge 2015 for providing a copy of SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY for an honest review and including THOUGHTS ON THIS ‘N THAT in their Fall Reading Challenge 2015! #FRC2015 Check out BookSparks on twitter at @BookSparks   #bookshelfie

Coming in January, look for ALL THEY EVER WANTED in Tracy’s, Second Chances  series. WOW! TRACY, do you ever take a break?   busy… busy…

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