ROME IN LOVE by Anita Hughes


“Non si vive per mangiare ma si mangia per vivere”

“One doesn’t live to eat, but eats to live.”

We’re living and eating like Hollywood Royalty in Anita Hughes’ new novel, ROME IN LOVE.

Amelia Tate’s wildest dreams are coming true. She’s the current “It Girl,” cast to play her screen idol, Audrey Hepburn in a remake of the movie Roman Holiday. While filming, she gets to live in the world-famous Hassler Hotel in the Emerald City – Roma for two months.

Real life takes on the feel of a movie set when Amelia ends up meeting an unexpected guest in a basket of hotel laundry, her less-than perfect boyfriend breaks up with her because he wants her to stop acting and she discovers letters Audrey Hepburn wrote while filming Roman Holiday. She refers to the contents of those missives throughout the shoot finding strength and perspective.

Amelia meets a journalist named Philip, who helps her out of jam, but she hides her identity telling him she’s a Hassler Hotel maid. They keep running into one another and things are looking favorable, but she never finds the right time to tell him who she is.

Love, relationships, friendships and happiness, all the warm fuzzies you expect in an Anita Hughes novel are served up in ROME IN LOVE. We get to go shopping on the Via Condotti , one of the most fashionable streets in the world, Italian cuisine is more than spaghetti, honey and sit down at one of the many outdoor cafés, order an espresso, pastry and people watch.

ROME IN LOVE is delicious and you’ll find it in bookstores Tuesday, August 4th.

For all things ANITA, check out her website at or her twitter @hughesanita


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