“Somewhere between anxiety and guilt, Al fell in love.”

THE COINCIDENCE of COCONUT CAKE (Gallery Books) by debut novelist, Amy E. Reichert is one of those wonderful novels I wish I could read again for the first time. It’s such a delight, it left me feeling happy. That may sound simplistic, but very few people are able to write something that has the reader smiling the entire time they’re reading their novel. Of course, there were sad moments, but it’s 300+ pages of whimsy that I hope as many people can read, get to! At times, it was as if I was reading and hearing Pharrell’s “Happy” song at the same time.

Poor Lou has a lot of crap thrown her way, starting with catching her fiance with another woman, but she has a personality like sunshine. Her parents were killed in a car accident years ago, but she has friends who have formed her family and she’s a chef, who absolutely loves to cook, and she has a restaurant named Luella’s, after her grandmother.

The night she catches her fiancé, everything goes to hell at the restaurant and a nasty critic shows up to review Luella’s. The meal and service turn out to be a mess as well as the review which ends up destroying Luella’s, forcing her to close the restaurant.

That’s when Al comes into her life – exactly at the right time bringing the love, magic and diversion Lou needs. Al gives Lou the perfect opportunity to rediscover the home she loves, why she loves it and a simple truth, that sometimes, second chances are good. But there’s more to Al than meets the eye.

THE COINCIDENCE of COCONUT CAKE bakes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is a character in itself. The Midwest and particularly Milwaukee, is so cool! I love reading about real places where people go to State Fairs and baseball games, eat Brats, wear caps, tailgate and collect magnets. I can imagine Lou is the type of girl who writes thank you notes by hand and perhaps even scrapbooks.

You’re going to have to read THE COINCIDENCE of COCONUT CAKE for yourself to find out what happens, but you know it’s going to be delicious with that yummy cake on the cover.

Amy Reichert wrote THE COINCIDENCE of COCONUT CAKE and shares the recipes for the cake and frosting at the end of the novel! For all things AMY, check out her website at or at twitter @aereichert

Thanks Netgalley for providing a kindle copy of  THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE for an honest review.



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