We are well into June, summer reading and I already feel like I’m falling behind because there are SO many fabulous new books to read. One of the books I told you about that everyone was talking about at the Chicago Printer’s Row Lit Fest a couple of weeks ago, that’s on just about every reviewers must-read list is OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS(Dutton) by Shanna Mahin.

Guess what? I read OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS and it’s pretty terrific – fun, fun, fun! If you like reading about Hollywood, celebrities and being in the know about what’s happening in entertainment gossip, this is the book for you. Shanna is 3rd generation Hollywood and even though the novel is fiction (hum?) she writes with a style that only an insider could have.

We loved meeting her in Chicago. Shanna is so much like her main character in the novel, Jess, who we want as our BFF. She sees right through the endless layers of B.S. that constantly trying to derail her life, but are quickly eliminated. That’s one reason she’s catapulted to the top of our author crush list.


In OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS, Jess is a celebrity assistant. Amazingly, she lands two celebrity assistantships over the course of the novel. First for a non-famous, agoraphobic, Oscar-winning composer, who has a team of demonic managers who do his dirty deeds until she calls him on his crap. Then he’s in love with her and can’t stand seeing her go when she quits!

She leverages that job to get hired as rising soap star, Eva’s assistant. Jess thinks her star has risen on the Hollywood horizon, but Little Miss “Evil” Eva comes with her own special set of challenges. Jess’ life in hell has only begun.

Shanna has a wonderful talent for creating a menagerie of colorful characters, each with their own unique quirks and flaws that make them incredibly unique and memorable. There’s chick rivalry with Eva’s BFF, Scout, Jess’ BFF, Megan and Jess’ mom, Donna rides into town from Reno bringing her own soap opera that fits in perfectly in Hollyweird! And don’t even get me started on how Shanna writes dialogue – it’s pithy, smart, her screenwriter would be so grateful! That is, unless she wrote the script. I definitely see this being produced as a film!

Check out Shanna on her website http://www.shannamahin.com and at twitter  @shannamahin

You can check out my reviews and novel at http://www.cindyroesel.com

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2 thoughts on “OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS by Shanna Mahin

  1. This sounds like a more in-depth and upbeat approach to the subject matter Jackie Collins wrote in the 80’s…. and while I’m no longer in my 20’s this sounds like a much needed indulgence!

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