I pointed out, as gently as I could, what I’d hoped was obvious: that it made no sense whatsoever to throw ourselves into the middle of an ocean crawling with U-boats on a quest to find a monster that probably didn’t even exist,” explains Maddie Hyde as she embarks on that very journey with her husband and their best friend.”

Three over-indulged Philadelphians in their early 20s travel to Scotland, during WWII in search of the Loch Ness Monster in Sara Gruen’s novel, AT THE WATER’S EDGE (Random House). Ellis is color blind and Hank flat-footed, so they can’t enlist and Maddie is married to Ellis so she turns a blind eye to whatever nonsense the two come up with. They leave the comfort of home for what amounts to hell on earth. They barely survive the trip over when their ship is hit by a torpedo. They make it to their accommodations in a small village which are well below their normal standards and proceed to behave like three spoiled American brats in front of the locals and quickly gain their disdain.

You may remember author, Sara Gruen for writing debut international successful novel, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, which was turned into a film starring Reese Witherspoon. AT THE WATER’S EDGE is also her work.

Gruen has created a cast of characters in AT THE WATER’S EDGE, that jump off the page. Each identifiable and unique, impossible to mix up. Ellis, the booze drinking, pill popping know-it-all. Hank, the alcoholic, always trying to keep things at an even keel. Anna and Meg, the barmaids who know their place but are no idiots, despite what the fancy Americans may think. Angus keeping activities running smoothly despite the many opportunities for fights to break out and other problems. He has a soft voice, but his background in special forces won’t let things get out of control.

Ellis and Hank daily go to the Loch in search of Nelly and it’s during that time that Maddie gets to know the local people and they her. “Oh, I don’t know. I’m starting to think of you as one of us now.”  When her husband returns nightly from his adventures, he often makes a scene and she starts realizing the truth about him and their life together begins to unravel. There are many unexpected twists and turns which make for a rich, confident narrative that I enjoyed and I believe you will, too.

Thanks to Netgalley and Spiegel and Grau for providing a kindle copy of AT THE WATER’S EDGE for an honest review. You can go to to check out all things SARA.

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