GET IN TROUBLE: Stories by Kelly Link


GET IN TROUBLE: Stories (Random House) is Kelly Link’s fourth collection of short stories, but the first published but a major house and it’s getting lots of buzzine. This is also her first book written in a decade and “those in the know” are expecting GET IN TROUBLE: Stories to juggernaut Kelly into literary stardom!

I must start off by writing, I love short story collections. They’re not for everyone, but I really dig reading them and the stranger, the better. What does that mean? Let me explain.

“I don’t get it. This Boyfriend thing. They’re creepy. They’re fake. They’re not real. I know how much you want one. And I know it sucks.” The New Boyfriend

Kelly Link’s nine stories are unlike any you’ll read anywhere. She’s a true original. While reading her stories, I felt as if I was going in and out of some multiple parallel universal because I got lost in possible reality and definitive fantasy.

There are mean teenage girls and their vampire boyfriends, drinking Absinthe.  Aging Hollywood movie demons and their girlfriends with long-lost but recently discovered sex tapes, plastic balloon gondolas in the majestic Land of Oz, pseudo superheros and their sidekicks. This is just a taste.

Kelly also tackles universal emotions of love, hate, grief, pain and teen angst, but it’s the way she weaves these feelings and the plot together that will have you think you’re in an episode of  “American Horror Story.”

In interviews, Kelly has referred to “The Vampire Diaries,” as a show she watches and says she uses the vampire as a “flexible metaphor” in many of her characters. You will read how Kelly executes this repeatedly in her collection.

Kelly Link grew up in Miami and now lives in Massachusetts. Much like her friend, Pulitzer-Prize nominee, and Miami short story writer, Karen Russell, you can see how the South Florida landscape influences Kelly’s writing. She has an appreciation for its vegetation, iguanas, geckos,  hurricanes and mermaids; it’s uniquely “scary” beauty.

Thanks to Netgalley and Random House for providing a kindle copy for an honest review. GET IN TROUBLE: Stories will be published next Wednesday, February 10th. Check out for all things KELLY. Go to to read more of my reviews and news on my novel, “Viewer Discretion Advised.”

Wednesday we’re going on tour with TLC Tours and checking out Liza Palmer’s new novel, GIRL BEFORE A MIRROR. Keep reading my lovely, chickadees and supporting your local bookstores and libraries! They’ll love you for it!


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