FIRST FROST by Sarah Addison Allen

first frost“First frost was always exciting, but this year, it meant even more, this season, this renewal.”

The Waverley sisters are all busy with this and that, but each one can tell changes are on the horizon. First Frost is their big celebration and preparations are underway. In Sarah Addison Allen’s novel, FIRST FROST, the Waverley’s aren’t just like every one else – there’s something a little different about them. They know things, see things and can just tell stuff. Some people in Bascom, North Carolina think it’s kind of hocus pocus.

“Waverley’s Candies” is doing better than expected but Claire and the family miss her yummy catering food business. It’s obvious to Claire that sister, Sydney wants a baby and she’s taking out her frustrations on her 15-year old daughter, Bay who’s experiencing the pains of first love. Claire’s husband, Tyler is not fully invested in the superstitions and eccentricities, but Sydney’s husband, Henry knows to stay away from the apple tree or suffer the consequences.

“The Waverley sisters had married men as steadfast and normal as the women were mercurial and strange.”

On the Eve of the First Frost, the arrival of a stranger will either bring the family together or disrupt it during a vulnerable time of change.

Sarah Addison Allen loves the Waverley sisters. She writes about them with such love and finesse. FIRST FROST is the follow-up to her previous novel, GARDEN SPELLS, but it stands alone. This is the first time I’ve read Sarah and I wasn’t lost. I enjoy magical realism and FIRST FROST was a delight. I too fell in love with the Waverley family, and can’t wait for the next one… ?

FIRST FROST will be released Tuesday, January 20th. Thanks to Shelf-Awareness  and St. Martin’s Press for sending me an advance copy for an honest review. Check out for all things SARAH!  Go to to read more of my reviews and news about my novel, “Viewer Discretion Advised.”

There are lots of exciting books being published. Be sure to support your local book stores and libraries! Happy reading!


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