THE DIVORCE DIET by Ellen Hawley


“It’s, this whole marriage thing. It doesn’t work for me.”

None of this is happening, is Abigail’s first thought when her husband Thad announces it’s over, that she and their baby, Rosie should move out and into her parent’s home. It’s not what she expected to hear from Thad whom she gave up her fledgling career in cuisine for, to stay home full-time with their baby, gaining weight ultimately feeling unemployable. But this is where she finds herself; in the bedroom she grew up in with her daughter, a copy of the Natural Weight Loss Plan Book, and an imaginary diet guru who annoys her to no end.

“I wonder if I loved him or the person I imagined him into. I wonder if I’ll ever know.”

Abigail proceeds to collapse, her bedroom is a messy pile of laundry, her car is filled with half-eaten pop-tarts, she’s barely hanging on. At night she zones out in front of television shows with her parents like medieval sieges, world war two submarine battles and mummies. Eventually, she realizes she must move forward and gets a job as a waitress, all the while somehow keeping to the weight loss plan.

The diet not only starts taking shape as far as calories and clothes sizes, but where it’s needed most, in her life journey and positive decisions. We eventually meet an Abigail that is growing happy with herself. I think every woman will find themselves connecting with Abigail in someway. Whether you’re on a diet, dealing with a relationship issue, or some other challenge, we’re all on life journeys.

My only criticism with THE DIVORCE DIET is that Abigail wallows too long when Thad dumps her and his daughter. As readers, we get it – life was not good – Thad was a cheating schmuck! That section of the novel needed to be edited down and the last quarter expanded.

Look for some yummy recipes in THE DIVORCE DIET as an added treat!

Thanks to Netgalley and Kensington Books for providing a kindle copy of THE DIVORCE DIET for an honest review. Check out and to read all about ELLEN! You can go to to read about my reviews and novel.

THE DIVORCE DIET will be published December 30th. NOW is the perfect time to pre-order your copy on-line or at your local book-store.

Best wishes for a blessed Holiday Season to all my wonderful readers. xx

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