Evie used to love Christmas, but this year she wishes she could cancel it. Determined to escape the grief of losing her child and marriage, she takes her friends up on their offer to leave London and spend December at their picturesque French countryside cottage. After seeing pictures of her estranged husband, Will plastered all over the tabloids with his new girlfriend, she’s hopes to have a quiet non-Christmas alone cooking, baking and relaxing.

THE FRENCH FOR CHRISTMAS (Bookoutre) is Fiona Valpy’s third novel in her French series and it has all the ingredients for a wonderful Holiday novel. The biting cold of the bare French winter countryside is offset by warm crackling fires, delicious food and the warmth of well-developed characters. Once Evie arrives, she sets about her routine, getting food from town and firewood. She longs to see her friend’s neighbors, Eliane and Matthieu, but ends up meeting an unexpected handsome single neighbor. She discovers she’s not the only one who has runaway from a tragedy hoping to mend a broken heart.

It’s not difficult to guess the direction of this storyline, but it’s the way it’s finessed. Fiona Valpy has a tender way of writing a love story, especially when it’s set during the Holidays. That might seem easy to some, but it has the potential for a cliché minefield. Fiona has a sensitivity and ability to navigate such obstacles, writing lovely prose.

Due to sensitivity of the material, Fiona is donating ten-percent of her profits of her novel to MEDICINS SAN FRONTIERES – DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS. You can contact them at

Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for providing a kindle copy of THE FRENCH FOR CHRISTMAS for an honest review. Check out for all things FIONA. Go to my website to check out my novel. It’s never too early to wish everyone a happy and blessed Holiday Season!

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