THE FORGERS – lying so well one loses touch with reality?


“They never found his hands.”

Isn’t that a wonderful opening sentence?

It’s from Bradford Morrow’s new novel, THE FORGERS (Grove/Atlantic/MysteriousPress). I’m unacquainted with the antiquarian book world so I was quite interested to check out his literary mystery especially when I learned it was about the dark side of the rare book world. Well, I was quite surprised to read there is even such a thing … a dark side?

Rare book collector Adam Diehl is found murdered at the desk of his Montauk, Long Island beach cottage surrounded by vandalized rare books, pages torn from their bindings and letters tossed about.

“A Vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava, an heirloom from his father, lay unmolested, its second-hand tracing serene circles, on the victim’s desk.”

From the very beginning, Morrow delights us with intimate details throughout. Adam’s sister, Meghan, a NYC bookstore owner and her boyfriend Will, a convicted forger, now in the book trade, come out from the city to identify his body.

While going through Adam’s papers, Will discovers an invoice linking both back to Will’s former life as a forger, which he’s trying to put behind him. Over the course of the novel, lines between secrets, obsession and lies blur so it becomes difficult to fully know what’s true from false.

“It takes a lot of truth to tell a lie. Truth must surround the pulsating heart of any lie for it to be convincing, believable.”

When handwritten letters from dead authors and secrets from both Adam and Will’s past start surfacing, Will is forced to lie to Meghan, whom he calls his one source of pure joy. As it often is in mysteries, “the plot thickens.”

I enjoyed THE FORGERS for my entry into such an unique, if not quirky world. Bradford Morrow’s prose are a joy to read.

Thanks to Netgalley and Grove/Atlantic/Mysterious Press for a kindle copy of THE FORGERS for an honest review. For more about Bradford Morrow, check out his website: For more reviews, go to

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