THE WIDOW SMALLS and Other Stories


THE WIDOW SMALLS and Other Stories(PronghornPress) is the second book from WILLA Award-Winning Author, Jamie Lisa Forbes. The WILLA award, is named after Pulitzer Prize winning author Willa Cather for distinguished stories written about women and girls in the west, judged by a panel of professional librarians and is awarded yearly. Forbes book, UNBROKEN won the award in 2011 and Forbes returns with this published collection of stories.

THE WIDOW SMALLS tells the story of when Leah’s husband, Bud passes and his brother’s Merle and Grady do nothing to help her, in fact they do the very opposite. Ironically they expect her to fall apart and give them the ranch for a steal, but the brothers get more than they bargain for. She rises up and becomes the woman none of them, including Leah thought possible.

Other stories delve into universal topics such as relationships, resentments and friendships which can become strained. One story is about a father making one last play to keep his daughter home on the ranch, as she spreads her wings for the big city. There is a young rancher who decides to stand up to authority figures for what he believes is morally right, and young lovers experiencing their first romance.

Forbes collection explores the unrelenting extremes of hard work on the working ranch. The seasons move forward, time doesn’t stand still for anything, be it death, sickness, broken equipment or bad crops. She describes a life I’m unfamiliar with but Forbes kept my attention from page one with her prose and gifted storytelling skills.

Thanks to and Pronghorn Press for providing a kindle copy of THE WIDOW SMALLS and Other Stories for an honest review. Check out for all things JAMIE. You can find my blog at For more information about the WILLA Award, go to

THE WIDOW SMALLS and Other Stories will be published Monday, October 20th.


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