For there to be a good sister, there must be a bad sister and in the case of Jamie Kain’s, novel THE GOOD SISTER (St.Martin’sGriffin) there are three sisters. Sarah Jade Kinsey is the oldest and she’s not only beautiful, smart and loved by all, she has cancer. Rachel Anne Kinsey, 18 is the middle one lost in the shuffle. Finally, there is Asha Nadine Kinsey, 15 who is the youngest and becomes Sarah’s bone marrow donor not once, but twice. So that leaves us to wonder, who is the good and not so good sister?
The Kinsey’s are a unique family living in Northern California’s Marin County. The parents, Lena and Ravi, former hippies offer no rules to live by,¬†girls raised in a commune, they’re just drifting, holding on to one another for some kind of support. Sarah, the oldest believes she’s the protector but as the disease ravages her body, it slowly destroys the family. They’re shaped by the knowledge that someone within the unit is going to die.
When Sarah passes, it’s called an accident, but was it? She was hiking with her sister Rachel, who never hiked before. That’s when the secrets, mysteries, betrayals and even revenge begin to surface. I could feel¬†grieving in the writing, while each character searched for their own truth. Ultimately, each one had to embrace what they stood for, searching through many questions, frequently coming up with too few answers.
THE GOOD SISTER is the first young adult novel Jamie Kain, has written. The YA genre is very popular right now, but I hope THE GOOD SISTER is marketed to a broader contemporary audience. I was drawn into reading her book because of the characters, the story as well as her writing, so I hope THE GOOD SISTER reaches as many readers as possible. It’s a wonderful novel.
Thanks to and St. Martin’s Griffin for providing a kindle copy for an honest review. Check out for all things JAMIE!

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