Looking for something sweet, fun and romantic to read this weekend? I’ve got just the book for you. SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE (Harlequin/HQH) is written by debut author, Anouska Knight. Look at that cover. Isn’t it delicious? To be completely honest, I saw all those yummy colorful cakes, stared at them for several seconds before running off to get some delish treats which I devoured immediately with a cuppa, while reading SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE. Yes you, Miss Knight are the reason for those extra pounds I just glued on to my thighs while buzzing through your delightful book. A novel, which I’m thrilled to write and inform everyone, just like Miss Knight’s close friend Jackie Collins … YES, THAT JACKIE COLLINS – THEE one with ALL those best-selling novels and movies! And I quote, Miss Collins referring to Miss Knight’s novel, “A thrilling debut from an exciting young author.”

Holly Jefferson is a twenty-seven year old British widow who is struggling to reengage into the real world after losing her husband two years prior. Her husband Charlie was her high school sweetheart and she’s never had another boyfriend. Holly owns a cake company called, “Cake” and she throws all her energy into work, along with her partner Jesse. They’re hired to make a special cake for a very up-scale event, which involves some affluent clients. It’s there that Holly delivers the cake to billionaire Fergal Argyll who is celebrating his latest divorce and she also meets his twenty-nine year old son, Ciaran.

Yes, we know where this is going. Its chick-lit and obviously, boy has just met girl and we’re going to get into some very delicious situations. There’s a wonderful cast of sweet and not so characters surrounding Holly and Ciaran starting with Holly’s landlady, Cora Hedley, Holly’s pregnant sister, Martha, Rob and Daisy Grace. We don’t want to forget the parents, Catherine, Phil, Pattie, I mean Patricia. You may need to keep notes with this one. I did. And there is the drama of “Cake Gate,” which almost crumbles before our eyes. Anouska Knight has a lovely way with words. Chick-lit is often considered predicable, but under her control there’s a flow to the story-telling that doesn’t seem contrived. We know there’s going to be a happy ending, but we enjoy the journey, have fun meeting all the characters, experiencing the situations and eventually … well, I’m not going to give it away.

SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE is about learning to embrace the unknown and unexpected tomorrows. It’s about learning to love again.

Anouska Knight won a writing contest on British TV and they published, SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE in England. It made it across the pond, July 29th, 2014. Look for her one Facebook and Goodreads.

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